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Princess Diana continues to ‘haunt’ King Charles

King Charles is in for another shocking blow to his reputation as his ex wife Princess Diana continues to haunt him after her death.

The late Princess’ recorded some audio tapes in the 90s with biographer Andrew Morton which will be released next year in a documentary titled Diana: The Rest of Her Story.

While the whole world is eagerly waiting for the former Princess of Wales’ recordings, King Charles is the only person praying that they would not see the light of the day.

However, it seems impossible as royal fans recently received a glimpse of what is in the store for Charles after Diana’s recording about his wish of having a girl were leaked.

“For Charles, it’s yet another unseemly headache he can do without,” an told Star Magazine. “He knows it paints him in a bad light.”

In leaked audio tape, Diana said that Charles was “disappointed” when Prince Harry was born as he wanted a daughter after Prince William’s birth.

Speaking of why Diana recorded the audio tapes, the insider shared that she “wanted to get her side of the story out there at the time.”

The source revealed that the late Princess was “sick and tired” of “being controlled by the monarchy and felt the need to speak up.”

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