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Prince Charles loved Diana obsessively in early days of marriage

Prince Charles’ marriage with Diana was not always a disaster. The Prince of Wales had unconditional love for his wife during the early days of their marriage, as revealed by royal biographer Penny Juror.

Following the birth of Prince William, Diana and Charles had a blissful married life. 

“People who visited Kensington Palace in the early 1980s describe Diana charging about the house playfully looking for William who had run away and hidden under his father’s desk at bedtime.

“Others describe Charles chasing Diana up the stairs. I think there were definitely good times,” she added. 

However, Charles’ behaviour drastically changed after they welcomed their second son, Prince Harry. 

Diana told biograhper Andrew Morton, “Suddenly as Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain. Something inside of me died.”

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