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Pakistani doctors slam general public, especially politicians, for needlessly using N-95 masks

Personal protective items, especially the N-95 masks, meant for healthcare providers handling patients with serious infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, are being used by general public, particularly by politicians and bureaucrats, according to the Pakistan Medical Association.

“It’s unfortunate that at a time when health professionals are facing serious shortage of the N-95 masks and other personal protective equipment, politicians and bureaucrats are often seen wearing the N-95 masks during their meetings and visits,” said PMA in a statement.

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He emphasised that doctors should be protected as they were the front-line soldiers in fight against coronavirus.

According to the association, the N-95 masks are particularly needed at quarantine and isolation facilities for health providers treating coronavirus patients, who are at the highest risk of acquiring the disease.

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“Surgical masks are for healthcare workers performing surgeries or those who are treating non-coronavirus patients at primary care level. Given scarcity of the masks these days, general public should use handmade masks, which should be washed daily,” the statement said.

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