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PM Imran Khan tweets ‘Facebook poem’ and wrongly attributes it to Allama Iqbal

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday inadvertently attributed on his twitter account someone’s poem to Allama Muhammad Iqbal and then made the correction when it was pointed out.

About the poem, he explained in the tweet, “This poem by Iqbal reflects how I try to lead my life. I urge our youth to understand and absorb the poem of the great Iqbal and I guarantee them that it will release their great God-given potential that we all possess as His greatest creation Ashraf ul Mukhluqat”. The poem was also uploaded on his twitter account along an image of the great poet and philosopher.

However, when several noted persons pointed out to him through their tweets that he had attributed a poem to Allama Iqbal, which was not his creation.

The prime minister then tweeted, “I stand corrected – this is not Allama Iqbal’s poem but the message conveyed is what I have stood by and tried to follow and if our youth absorbs this message it will release their great God- given potential that all of us possess as His greatest creation Ashraf ul Mukhluqat”.

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