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PM announces restoration of 3G, 4G internet service in Waziristan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced immediate restoration of 3G and 4G internet service in Waziristan after it was halted there.

Addressing a function in Wana, the Prime Minister said that efforts were being made to bring forward the people and areas left behind, including schools and colleges in the areas left behind. He said that Namal University was established in Mianwali and universities would also be set up in South Waziristan.

The Prime Minister said that our greatest strength is the youth, if they are given good education and technical training, they will take not only their family but also the country economically. The worst destruction in the war on terror has taken place in this region. We will do our best to help Waziristan in every possible way. The youth here need employment the most. More loans will be given to the youth here next year.

The Prime Minister said that the people of South Waziristan have always stood for Pakistan, many people tried not to integrate the tribal areas into the province, time will prove it was the best decision for the tribal areas. Our enemy is trying his best to spread chaos in Pakistan, Balochistan and Waziristan. India is trying its best to spread chaos in Pakistan, for which internet service is being used on mobile phones. I talked to the army and we decided to provide this facility. 3G and 4G services will be launched in Waziristan from today.

The Prime Minister further said that this government is your government, “we will do our best to uplift this area, 70% of the people in Waziristan are those who are below the poverty line, the poor people will be given money under the Ehsas programme.”

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