5G microchip circuit, Coronavirus vaccine, 5G microchip vaccine

Pictures of ‘5G microchip circuit’ in Corona vaccine go viral

A picture of a circuit board is going viral on Italian social media these days, showing 5G microchip board circuit in the coronavirus vaccine.

If the claim is to be believed, the people who get the corona vaccine will have this microscopic chip inserted into their bodies and will be controlled by FiveG technology.

5G microchip circuit, Coronavirus vaccine, 5G microchip vaccine

However, Mario Fusho, an Italian software engineer and Red Hat project leader, exposed the conspiracy theory and wrote in the tweet that it was in fact the circuit of the “electric guitar pedal” that is used in almost every electric guitar.

He jokingly wrote: “It’s actually an electric circuit of a guitar pedal and I’m sure it would It should be noted that with the initial news of ‘Novel Corona Virus’ in February last year, there was a storm of conspiracy theories all over the world, which continues to this day.

This time, however, conspiracy theories based on science and technology were more popular in the West than in the East.

One of the conspiracy theories was to claim that the Corona virus spreads rapidly because of the Five G towers. In response to this rumor, in addition to various European countries, in Canada, ‘educated’ people attacked mobile towers, damaged them and smashed dozens of mobile towers.

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