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PIA says it suffered Rs 30 billion loss after Hajj, Umrah suspensions

Saudi Arabia has suspended Hajj and umrah for everyone but people within the kingdom over coronavirus fears and this, the PIA spokesperson, says has dented the airline’s revenue.

“PIA generates a huge chunk of its total revenue from Hajj pilgrims,” spokesperson of PIA, Mr. Abdulah Hafeez Khan said while speaking in a TV programme.

“Around Rs11 billion to Rs12 billion is received annually from Hajj flights and Rs20 billion from Umrah flights.”

To compensate for the around Rs32 billion in losses, PIA has reduced its fares by Rs4,500 for one-way domestic flights. Travelling to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will now cost Rs12,000 as opposed to Rs16,500.After the price drop the spokesperson confirmed that many people have started booking domestic tickets.

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