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Pakistan’s first ever public electric bikes launched in Islamabad

A firm in Islamabad has launched the electric bike service for commuters in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The service was launched by ezBikes – on Oct 14.

Ali Moeen Malik, co-founder of Roamer, said people will first have to download the ezBike app and create an account. This account must be topped up before riding a motorcycle.

The user will be charged Rs5 for every minute and if they stop somewhere, for instance to buy something, then they can pause the electric bike. The rent will reduce to Rs2 per minute.

“There is no risk of this eco-friendly bike being stolen due to the security system. Arrive at your destination and park the bike anywhere. Your responsibility is over,” he said.

Initially, this electric bike will be limited to a few sectors. If it is taken out of the sector, the bike will stop automatically.

The entrepreneurs say they want to increase the scope of their start up across the country. 

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