Pakistan inflation, survey

Pakistanis declare ‘inflation’ the biggest problem at the moment: survey

Inflation has become the biggest problem of the Pakistani people while people are worried about where the skyrocketing prices will go.

This public trend was revealed in a survey by the global market and consulting firm Ipsos. The results of a survey conducted a week ago show that consumer confidence has plummeted and they have been reluctant to make investment decisions.

Thirty-two percent of those surveyed said inflation was the most troubling issue. Unemployment followed, and Corona was declared a nuisance. The results of the survey also call into question the priorities of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who talks of eradicating corruption instead of reducing people’s economic fears.

Only 3% of respondents identified corruption, bribery, adulteration and nepotism as their problems. 38% of KP participants said that rising inflation is their biggest problem. 31% of participants from Sindh and Punjab and 30% from Balochistan were worried about the rise in inflation. Unemployment was the most important issue for him after inflation.

Only 7% of participants thought the current economic situation was very good, while 29% said it was better. 64% of participants described the economy as poor. Eight out of ten people said they were not confident about their job security. 43% of participants said they had lost some job in the last six months.

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