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Pakistani researcher keeps 700 species of scorpions in his fridge!

A PhD student, Muhammad Jawwad, from Peshawar has kept at least 700 species of scorpions in his fridge for research purposes.

He is the first PhD scholar from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to conduct research on scorpions. Jawwad has transformed his house into a laboratory because of the lack of research rooms in the province, according to a report by SamaaTV.

“My research is based on the life and different types of scorpions,” he said. “These species that I have, have been collected from different parts of the province.”

The researcher revealed that he has preserved the scorpions because there is no other place where he can study them. “There are times when I have to request people to let me work in their laboratories since I don’t have one dedicated for my own research.”

Jawwad believes that he can find some of the world’s most unique species of scorpions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if he is provided with proper resources.

“We need a high-glass microscope, HD cameras and a PCR machine,” he said, adding that this will help him identify and highlight species of scorpions that have been found for the first time in both Pakistan and the world.

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