Areeba Habib, model

Pakistani model Areeba Habib speaks out against ‘item numbers’

Leading Pakistani model, emerging actress in the drama industry Areeba Habib says about the item number song that the name ‘item number’ is wrong and it is not made for a Muslim country like Pakistan.

Actress Areeba Habib, who has 1.5 million followers on the social media platform Instagram, has strongly opposed item number songs in an interview, saying, “Item songs have started to be made in a country like India and they are made for the Indian people.” Yes, they want spice in movies, dance, music and drama are part of the Indian tradition.”

“Because we are Muslims, we don’t like such things, we think it’s bad. 90% of our drama fans are middle class people who don’t like it at all,” said Areeba Habib.

“When our audience sits down with their family and watches TV in the evening and you show them the item number, even if the item number is wrong, they don’t accept it,” she said. 

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