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Pakistan to use drones to supervise highways and motorways

Pakistan will be the first country in the region to employ drone technology for the supervision of the highways and motorways network.

According to the well-placed sources in the National Highways and Motorways Police, the system will be in place in a couple of weeks. 

The system would provide a record of round-the-clock movement on roads. It would not only help in controlling and managing the traffic volume across the motorways and highways for its smooth and safe flow, but also provide for effective and timely interception of crimes.

The information gathered by the drones could be used in nabbing criminals. The use of drone’s technology would be displayed towards the end of this month at few points on the motorways.

The project was discussed at the National Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP) headquarters on Friday under its Inspector General Dr Syed Kaleem Imam through a virtual conference attended by officers of the force from across the country. 

The meeting also discussed a five-year plan for catering to future requirements and demands of the motorway police for its modernisation.

As per the details, the plan, like all other developed countries, would cater to all the new trends prevailing in movement on the roads helping Pakistan become a country with a model road network.

It will also identify the resources to be generated by the motorways and highways infrastructure. A proposal is under review for the introduction of variable speed limits for different vehicles on the motorways and highways. 

Speed limit

The existing speed limit could be enhanced in some sectors while a reduction of speed limit could also be imposed in some parts.

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