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Pakistan to take up smog issue with India at diplomatic level: PM

Prime Minister caretaker Anwaar Haq Kakar during an informal conversation shed light on a range of pressing issues and said that Pakistan will take up an issue of smog with India at the diplomatic level.

While addressing banter about the cricket board and the World Cup, Prime Minister Kakar emphasized that the priority now lies with the World Cup, and there’s no room for teasing the cricket board.

PM Kakar stressed that discussions should refrain from making assumptions about the team’s progress to the semi-finals. PM Kakar highlighted that the government—to be elected in two months—will take direct action to address the growing concern of PCB.

Caretaker Prime Minister Kakar revealed his intention to engage with the Indian government to tackle the issue of smog, indicating cross-border cooperation.

In a conversation with the American ambassador, the Caretaker Prime Minister discussed the dire situation in Gaza, he added.

Kakar empathized with the suffering of children in Gaza, emphasizing that the pain of the martyred children is akin to the suffering of their own children.

PM Kakar said he always speaks as a representative of Pakistan’s 250 million people, with foreign diplomats, emphasizing the responsibility of representing the nation’s interests.

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