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Pakistan risks facing tightened aviation restrictions

Pakistan may be slapped with international sections due to reported non-compliance by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on global guidelines and mismanagement.

According to reports, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has concerns over the necessary security measures for civil aviation in Pakistan. Pakistani civil aviation authorities have failed to address ICAO’s concerns. In addition, concerns about pilot training and licensing have not been addressed. The ICAO has issued a second notice to Civil Aviation on safety concerns.

The ICAO has given the CAA a deadline to remove concerns. Under which, if the concerns are not addressed within 3 months the ICAO will issue special instructions to all member countries regarding Pakistan. If the security concerns are not removed, the international travel restrictions will be further tightened.

On the other hand, the CEO of PIA and the head of the private airline Syrian Airlines called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in which they informed the Prime Minister about the strict travel restrictions impending on Pakistan.

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