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Pakistan parliamentarian demands punishment for beard styling, resolution submitted in assembly

A resolution was submitted in the Provincial Assembly of Punjab seeking government action against styling of beards that many people routinely undertake.

According to MPA Rukhsana Kausar – who submitted the resolution in the provincial legislature – said in her statement that beard was a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and any kind of styling in it was sin, hence those who style their beards are mocking the tradition of the Holy Prophet and committing sin.

“This House requests the government to enact legislation and penalize those who get their beards styled as well as barbers who indulge in such a work.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry took a dig at the MPA and said “this woman has left everyone behind to become a super Muslim.”

He further said: “The religion of Islam has no external threat in presence of such people.”

It must be noted here that in March 2018, Barbers in Khyber Pakhtonkhwa province had announced a ban on ‘fashionable’ beard and hair styles, saying it violates Islamic law.

The decision in the province had echoed a similar ban introduced there in 2009, after militant groups including the Pakistani Taliban threatened barbers.

Sharif Kahlu, president of the Sulemani Hairdressers Association, said English and French hair and beard styles are against the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.

Different Muslim sects adhere to different beard shapes and lengths, but the most generally accepted ‘Islamic’ beard is one that is long enough to be visible from a certain distance, but not longer than a fistful of hair.

Interestingly, Kahlu strongly denied any pressure on his association from any militant organisation, calling the move ‘a decision of our conscience’.

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