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Pakistan now investigates a major visa scandal involving 14,000 foreigners

A major visa scandal has surfaced in Pakistan and investigations are underway on visas issued to 14,000 foreigners over fake documents.

Several senior officials have been removed from office. Authorities have uncovered a major visa scandal in which more than 14,000 foreign nationals have allegedly obtained travel documents by submitting fake, altered or incomplete details over the past two years, according to details.

A private TV channel says it has information on the links between the Interior Ministry and the FIA’s DG, Immigration and Passports. It revealed that more than two dozen government officials had seriously violated the country’s visa policy and posed a serious threat to the country’s security. Business visa has become a racket and mafia in Pakistan. However, cases have been identified in which visas or visa extensions were granted without any verification.

The blacklist details of foreign applicants were also not checked. Relevant sections did not implement any policy regarding visa extension but facilities were provided to foreign nationals in this regard.

Visas were extended to 105 citizens on a fake letter dated June 25, 2020. Similarly, fake letterheads of many companies and their CEOs were used for fake visas and visa extensions.

In total, 13,671 visas were extended from Lahore during the last one year.

A total of 6,000 applications have been examined, revealing that visa policy and regulations were not followed when extending visas.

The official letter said that an examination of the records revealed that the visa extension instructions were not included in the records. However, the format, text and grammar of the letters written for visa extension are enough to prove that they were not authentic.

According to official documents, The H&H Company used forged documents to issue visas.

The FIA ​​is investigating visas and visa extensions for foreign nationals. Numerous agents submitted 29 forged documents to MS Cellu International Pvt. Ltd. and MS Full Force Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.

According to official documents, most of the visas issued on the recommendation of the companies include MS Video Electric Private Limited, Pakistan Sino Hydro Corporation Limited, Pak Huapo Electric Power, Friends Trading Corporation, U&W Trading Company, MS LongChank. Chinese Guest House, Long Yuan Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Gwadar Business Management & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Consulting & Services Co., Ltd., G Standard Ampex Pvt. Ltd., Shine & Trading Services and H&H Construction.

Three independent inquiry committees are now investigating whether the companies actually wrote letters to issue visas to foreigners. The investigation was launched 12 weeks ago after receiving numerous complaints from foreign nationals.

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