Pakistani Omicron

Pakistan insists no lockdown will be imposed as Omicron cases surge

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry said on Jan 11 Pakistan would not undergo another lockdown and dismissed reports of schools’ closure amid rising coronavirus cases.

The information minister, addressing a post-cabinet press conference, said the federal cabinet was informed that the COVID-19 positivity ratio had doubled in the country.

“But despite this, it is our resolve that we absolutely not impose a lockdown in Pakistan. Our economy cannot bear the burden [of another lockdown],” he said.

The information minister said “an excellent” vaccination campaign was underway and the government had invested $2 billion into the vaccines.

“Pakistan has a success story of dealing with coronavirus. We will not impose a lockdown. We will, however, monitor the situation. We urge everyone to wear masks,” he said.

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