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Pakistan hopes to get COVID-19 vaccine in next six months

With the percentage of positive Covid-19 infections crossing two per cent for the first time in six weeks, Pakistan seems hopeful of acquiring a vaccine in the next six months.

A report citing an official of the Ministry of National Health Services, requesting not to be quoted, said the University of Health Sciences (UHS) had been collaborating with Oxford University on a vaccine but the UK varsity sold the patent as well as the research to an India-based company.

“India, on the other hand, announced a policy under which it will produce a vaccine for its one billion population before selling it to any other country,” the official said, adding that “fortunately we made a wise decision to cooperate with China on a vaccine and allowed phase-III trials in Pakistan.”

He said they were hopeful the vaccine would be available in the next six months, adding that it prepared antibodies against spike proteins.

“At present, 15 vaccines were in phase-III trial globally out of which 11 target the spike protein,” he said.

The official said the vaccine might not be effective for life and an energy booster would be required every year.

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