Shafqat Mahmood, Pakistan, A-Level, O-Level

Pakistan govt may abolish O-Level and A-Level education

Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood, on Wednesday, announced plans to eliminate O-level (Ordinary level) and A-Level (Advanced level) education from the schools countrywide to implement a uniform curriculum in the system.

He said this during his remarks to the National Assembly Standing Committee on education with regard to his ministry’s functions and future plans while asserting it would, however, be abolished at the next stage as they were coping with more pressing challenges at present.

“As current education system has many other flaws, those direly needed to be mended due to which said the plan would be practised on next level but it will be done ultimately,” he added.

Mahmood lamented that presently, three different kinds of education were being tendered in the country.

“Providing education in our public sector institutions, in elite private schools and in madrassas, three are totally different from each other,” he recalled.

The minister said a technical committee had been formulated to look into this matter, which would consult all stakeholders to make a comprehensive and final decision.

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