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Pakistan’s economic future is linked to China: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we have excellent relations with China and “our economic future is linked to China.”

In an interview, Khan said Pakistan can really benefit from the way china has lifted people out of poverty.

He went on to say that India is being ruled by an extremist government. He reiterated that 70 years old Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan has no military solution.

Imran Khan, during an interview with foreign news channel said, the world is not responding on the Kashmir issue as unfortunately they are willing to ignore the huge travesty of justice for their commercial interests with India. He said it does not mean we sit down quietly and accept the injustice. He expressed the strong commitment to continue to draw the world attention towards the dispute.

Imran Khan said eight million people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are in an open prison and eight hundred thousand troops are oppressing them.

“When I came into power, country was facing several economic challenges; however, my government, in its first two years managed to put the economy on right track” he said. “We don’t want our country’s economy to be dependent on loans”, he added.

While talking about country’s response to coronavirus pandemic, he said Pakistan made the best decision by not imposing complete lockdown without thinking it through.

Answering a question about freedom of expression and media, PM Imran said that there is no censorship on media in Pakistan and his government believes in freedom of expression. My government was criticized heavily but we faced all the criticism with an open heart, he added.

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