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Pakistan credibility badly hit New Zealand abruptly abandoned tour: PCB chief

The Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Wasim Khan on Sunday said that New Zealand Cricket has set a bad precedent by unilaterally deciding to abandon the Pakistan tour as it has affected Pakistan’s credibility.

“Our credibility has been affected because of New Zealand’s decision, which is a big loss for us,” Khan said while speaking during a virtual press conference on Sunday.

Wasim said that the PCB had employed efforts day and night to make cricket successful in Pakistan but New Zealand Cricket’s unilateral decision will have a long-lasting negative impact on cricket in the country.


“We will take up the matter with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and bring the New Zealand Cricket Board to the table,” said Khan. “Rest assured, I will say again and again that there was no security breach.”

He went on to say that the NZ Cricket Board has cancelled the tour based on a five-nation intelligence report. Wasim said that despite Pakistan’s requests, the report was deemed to be “confidential information” and was not shared with our intelligence services.

“It was hugely disappointing for us considering that this [report] was threatening the tour,” he said, adding that sharing the report with Pakistan’s intelligence services would have allowed them to mitigate any potential threats so that the tour could have been continued.

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