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Pakistan court orders removal of ban on PUBG

The Islamabad High Court has ordered the PTA to unblock online game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) while approving a petition filed against the Authority’s decision to ban the game in Pakistan.

Justice Aamer Farooq announced the verdict on Friday (July 24). It was earlier reserved on July 14. The court will soon issue a detailed verdict, directing the PTA to make any future decisions on bans after listening to all stakeholders.

The court has ordered the PTA to unblock the game immediately and explain their reasoning behind banning the game.

The petition was filed jointly by PUBG players and a local game-control company.

The PTA had said on Thursday that the ban it imposed on online game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) will remain in place.

The authority had asked the game developers to share data about PUBG sessions, its users in Pakistan and regulatory measures, but no response has been received yet.

People on Twitter are calling for the Information Technology Minister Aminul Haque’s resignation for “not restricting the PTA from blocking the game”.

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