Nida Yasir, Birthday, daughter birthday, Dubai

Nida Yasir once again faces social media criticism

Pakistani morning show host Nida Yasir has once again come under fire on social media.

This is not the first time that Nida Yasir has not been criticized on social media platforms. Sometimes she gets involved with social media users, sometimes she gets criticized for doing a morning show on a sensitive issue.

The bartender celebrated his daughter’s birthday in Dubai, where he made the best arrangements for the birthday.

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The actress was criticized by fans when she focused more on herself and her husband than on her daughter’s birthday.

Nida Yasir’s images are going viral on social media, in which her daughter is not present and in all the pictures, only she is seen posing differently.

Nida Yasir, Birthday, daughter birthday, Dubai

One user wrote that they are posing for their daughter’s birthday, give the daughter a chance.

Another user wrote that where is her birthday?

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