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New ‘toss conspiracy’ surfaces as India reach World Cup final

Sikander Bakht, former Pakistani fast bowler, has stirred controversy by suggesting that India manipulates toss results to gain an advantage during the World Cup 2023.

Bakht alleges that Indian captain Rohit Sharma strategically tosses the coin far away, compelling the opposing captain to move and see the result, giving India an edge in exploiting playing conditions.

These claims come amid confirmed reports that India switched the pitch for the semifinal against New Zealand at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium without clear reasons.

While ICC clarified that there are no rules prohibiting pitch switches, pitch consultant Andy Atkinson revealed that it was predetermined to play on a fresh pitch.

India, however, opted for an unused surface that had hosted two previous games, raising questions about the decision’s motive. Despite the controversy, India emerged victorious in the semifinal.

According to the conspiracy theory circulating, India and the BCCI (Indian cricket board) allegedly collaborate with the ICC, instructing captains that Rohit Sharma will win the toss, regardless of the coin’s actual outcome.

Social media videos emphasize that captains like Pat Cummins toss the coin lower, ensuring it lands where their counterpart can witness the result.

Sharma’s track record in the tournament reveals an even split, winning five tosses and losing five, diminishing the conspiracy’s credibility. However, he has clinched the last three in a row, notably the crucial one against New Zealand.

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