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Does Pakistanis really have trust issues with the social media?

Pakistanis consider local news channels more “trusted” source of information compared to their personal doctors, an Ipsos survey found.

A whopping 69% of the participants opted for local news channels to be the “most trusted” source of information while only 4% chose their personal physicians.

Religious centres and international news channels tied at 6% while newspapers and Facebook stood at 5% each. Only 1% voted for WhatsApp and Twitter to give accurate information.

In August, 35% feared the second wave of coronavirus. The number shot up to 56% in November.

Three months ago, 65% feared the second wave due to lack of preventive measures and SOP violations, 38% said it was a global issue while 36% blamed market timings.

This month, 77% opted for lack of preventive measures and SOP violations, 57% feel it was bound to happen as its happening all over the world and 51% think market timings play a vital role.

The awareness level among the masses following resurge of COVID-19 cases has increased with 54% believing they have “a great deal” of awareness, 38% feel its “a fair amount” while 6% said “not very much” and 3% are at “not at all”.

Half of the study group was optimistic that the vaccine would be available to them before the end of 2020.

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