Neelam Muneer, viral dance

Neelam Muneer breaks silence on her ‘viral dance video’

A video of actress Neelam Muneer making sultry dance moves in a car had gone viral some time ago and finally the actress spoke up on her popular video.

The video had drawn an outburst of criticism from a number of people right after it was uploaded and went viral. While some others had also praised the actress for what she was doing as a free-spirited star.

To a question about she felt on reactions from different people on the video, The 29-year old actress said she did not feel hurt in fact a lot of people came to her and praised her. While talking about the downside, she said that she also liked when people prayed that may she find the right path “Allah Hidayat day”

Further, she said that this is the best prayer for a person. And that she was showered with so much love and admiration post the video went viral.

In the end, Neelam asserted that she still hasn’t met anyone who badmouthed about the video and said ‘what was that!’


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