NASA, International Space Station, Karachi

NASA’s International Space Station to remain visible in Karachi skies till Oct 21

The NASA’s International Space Station will be visible in the skies of Karachi until October 21.

The International Space Station is a large spacecraft in Earth’s orbit, used to house astronauts and cosmonauts, while the space station also has a unique science laboratory.

According to astronomer Dr Muhammad Shahid Qureshi, the International Space Station is very bright and looks brighter than the 30 brightest stars.

He stated that sometimes the brightness of the International Space Station is more visible than all the other planets.

He also said that sometimes its brightness is more visible than all the other planets. These days, the International Space Station can be easily seen with the naked eye at certain times of the day, he added.

The ISS sightings are possible from Monday October 5, 2020 through Wednesday October 21, 2020.

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