Lahore, motorway, gang rape, Pakistan, Gujjarpura

Motorway rape victim demands public hanging of rapists

The victim of horrendous Lahore motorway gang rape has appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan to publicly hang the criminals in retribution for their offence that ruined her life.

This revelation was made by anchorperson Fareeha Idrees in her talk show in which she read out statement of the victim she confided to the anchorperson.

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The victim has appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan that both the culprits should be “publicly hanged”. She said this would be justice for her. The woman said PTI is a party which promised justice, so justice will be done when strict action is taken on CCPO’s statement who had questioned the woman’s choice for taking a deserted route instead of a busy GT Road to reach her destination.

Lahore, motorway, gang rape, Pakistan, Gujjarpura

“The CCPO questioned the integrity of my husband, my children and me. He has questioned my family prestige.”. She also revealed while her medical was being done, the people there informed her that SHO of the area needed better discipline.

According to the anchorperson, she said that her family had supported Imran Khan for change and that change should reflect in justice being seen done. “I have paid a huge cost and will have to pay for it for the rest of my life”.

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