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Motorway gang-rape victim identifies prime suspect during parade

The survivor of the Lahore motorway gang rape case identified the main suspect in the case before a court during an identification parade.

Abid Malhi was arrested on October 12, more than a month after he and another suspect gang raped a woman on the  Lahore-Sialkot motorway in front of her children on September 9.

An anti-terrorism court had ordered that he be sent to jail and an identification parade to be conducted.

The survivor identified Malhi in the presence of the judicial magistrate.

The other suspect, Shafqat, was arrested on September 14 and is in police custody on physical remand.

The main suspect of Lahore-Sialkot Motorway gangrape case, Abid Malhi, was arrested on Oct 12 by the Lahore crime investigation agency (CIA) police.

The gang rape incident had sparked countrywide outrage in which a mother of two was gang-raped off the motorway on Sept 9 in front of her children after her car ran out of fuel on way to Gujranwala late in the night.

The arrest came after the police, as a strategy, released Malhi’s parents, brothers and wife, allowing them to use their old mobile phone SIMs to trap him.

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Punjab Operations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sohail Sukhera while talking to Dawn confirmed Malhi’s arrest, and said the police’s strategy of releasing his family members proved successful when the suspect contacted his mother on phone.

He said the police’s special teams that were on high alert, traced Malhi’s call. He said the location of the caller was Faisalabad, where the suspect had been hiding.

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