Rabi Pirzada

Mobile and internet are the main causes of ‘youth’s destruction’: Rabi Pirzada

Former singer Rabi Pirzada declared mobile phones and internet as the main reason for the destruction of youth in the country.

In a video statement released on the social media website Twitter, the former singer has reacted to the incident that happened in a private school in Lahore and said that there is a lack of parental training in the incident, in today’s era. In the main cause of destruction of youth is mobile and internet which shows methods of torture, parents should check their children’s mobile frequently.

Rabi Pirzada said that in our society, parents encourage children instead of explaining their mistakes, which leads to small mistakes and one day it becomes a big incident.

He said that whenever something like this happens in our society, justice does not come from the courts, first of all justice should come from the home, when the child comes outside to do something like this, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to explain it and Forbid

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