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Minister predicts Pakistan-India war in October

Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday (August 28) predicted that a full-fledged war between Pakistan and India is “likely to break out in October or the month after it”.

While addressing a ceremony in his home town Rawalpindi, Rashid affirmed that the time for a final freedom struggle held Kashmir has come and the war with India will be the “last this time”.

“The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) would have held a plebiscite in Kashmir till now if it really wanted to solve the issue. We must stand with the people of the occupied valley and I will visit Kashmir once again after Muharram 10.

“Kashmir is on the brink of destruction due to barbarian and fascist Narendra Modi, and Pakistan is the only obstacle in front of him. Why is the rest of the Muslim world silent over the issue?” Rashid asked.

“Jinnah had assessed the anti-Muslim mindset in India long ago. Those who still think about the possibility of dialogue with India are fools.”

“Imran Khan’s upcoming speech at the United Nations on Sept 27 holds vital significance. We are lucky to have a friend like China standing with us,” he concluded.

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