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Mehwish Hayat says women must be provided sense of security in Pakistan

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has strongly reacted to tragic incident of gang rape at Lahore Motorway, saying ‘Are we living in a civilised society or a jungle?’.

Taking to Instagram, the Chhalawa actress strongly reacted to the incident and shared the example of women’s safety in Singapore, saying “How come in Singapore women are safe to walk home alone even at 4am? Why can’t we have the same sense of security here?!”

“Are we living in a civilised society or a jungle? Scream all you want abt #PublicHangingOfRapists- nothing will happen till the mindset changes ! #motorwayincident,” the actress said.

Mehwish also shared a silent message in her Instagram story demanding public hanging of the perpetrators.

The Load Wedding starlet shared the posts after a heinous incident that took place at Lahore Motorway, where two robbers gang-raped a mother of two in vicinity of Gujjarpura police station when the victim, along with her children, was heading to Gujranwala.

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