Meghan Markle, return, UK, Angela Levin

Meghan Markle won’t return to UK, claims expert

Meghan Markle, who moved to US last year, will not return to UK as she ‘hated’ being in Royal Family, according to new report.

The Royal biographer Angela Levin has claimed that Prince Harry’s sweetheart did not like the UK because it was “too small for her”.

“I don’t think Meghan will come back. She obviously hated it within the Royal Family and was preparing the leave even before getting married” to Prince Harry in 2018, Ms Levin – according to Express – told Palace Confidential on MailPlus.

Ms Levin went on to say: “She likes to talk on a global platform and I think we’re very unlikley until we see her again.”

She added: “What will be interesting is how long Harry will be allowed to be away.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly enjoying life in the US and they would not return to UK as working royals.

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