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Meghan Markle went from being ‘delightful’ to ‘useless’ after meeting Harry: expert

Meghan Markle apparently went from being a ‘delightful young woman with great prospects’ to displaying ‘useless and weird gestures’ after getting engaged to Prince Harry, a body language expert has claimed.

Studying and analysing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix show Harry & Meghan, expert Louise Mahler claimed that Meghan went from being a ‘gorgeous, young woman’ to displaying ‘weird gestures’ as she settled down with Harry.

Talking on The Morning Show, Mahler said: “In the second episode when it’s all about her as a child, that was delightful. She was a gorgeous young woman with great prospects … and then we see it in the engagement photo, it changes.”

Describing Meghan’s facial expressions during the time, Mahler explained: “Her smile becomes teeth, her eyes are dead, her arms lock into her body and she begins doing this weird gesture where she pushes her hair back like that, which is useless.”

“What a useless gesture! Who does that? She changed,” Mahler then simply stated.

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