Meghan Markle, bullying report

Meghan Markle ‘trapped’ in ‘never-ending story’ over bullying report

Meghan Markle has seemingly been ‘damned’ by the Queen with the monarch’s latest move.

Last year, Her Majesty launched a private funded inquiry against the Duchess of Sussex when a number of royal staffers revealed that they were bullied into leaving their jobs while Meghan was still in UK.

The results of the inquiry have been drawn and Daily Mail notes the Queen has decided to keep them a secret, giving Meghan a leeway in the matter.

Expert Daniela Elser, however, notes that this could be a part of a much larger plan.

She wrote in “Somewhere in the royal household right now is one of the most contentious documents ever produced for the Queen – and a report which will now never see the light of day.

“But what might at first look like Team Windsor sensibly tamping down a spark which could reignite hostilities with the rebellious duo is in fact a more loaded and potentially explosive move.”

The Sussexes said the allegations were part of “a calculated smear campaign”, and Meghan has consistently and vehemently denied them.

Daniela wrote: “Outwardly this looks like the mature play on the part of the Queen here. Why stoke the flames and drag this particular business back into the spotlight?

“Better to tidy it away to preserve what is left of the frayed ties between London and Montecito.

“But whether intentionally or not, in keeping schtum about whatever conclusions the lawyers have come to, Her Majesty has in fact done her granddaughter-in-law a disservice and damned Meghan.”

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