Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Meghan Markle shows ‘control’ over Harry with kiss in a room full of ‘macho men’

Meghan Markle kiss for Prince Harry at the Lisle Nixon Memorial was nothing less than an unnecessary show of affection, says body language expert.

The couple participated and won the game of polo at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in California and as a celebration, both the duke and duchess of Sussex engaged in a lip lock for the spectators.

Although the gesture was visibly sweet, body language expert Jud James confesses it looked “totally out of place.”

She explained: “Meghan is in complete ‘command, control and steer’ mood with this congratulatory kiss at polo.

“Previously the couple’s signature handclasp with meshed fingers and Harry’s glances of appreciation and Meghan’s smile responses showed their usual high levels of affection and, of course, polo is the traditional peacocking sport for royal males who get to show off their dashing bravado in the saddle as well as their muscles in those romantic white jodhpurs, but for the winner’s kiss here there was still a level of caution from Meghan.

“As Harry leans in with all his customary keenness for some intimacy signalling, Meghan places two hands up to his face in what looks like a bit of a steering and restraining gesture.

“The reason why looks pretty obvious. Meghan’s wide-brimmed hat, giant shades and red lipstick would all form a tactical nightmare for anything more passionate than a peck on the cheek.

“Even with this carefully-planted cheek kiss, it appears Meghan needs to check her hat and her shades afterwards, laughing as she shares the moment with her husband.

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