Russian woman longest legs

Meet Russian woman who has ‘longest legs in the world’

The Guinness World Record for having the longest female legs belongs to Ekaterina Lisina. Her left leg is 52.3 inches long, while the right one is 52 inches long, according to a GWR report.

The model, who is 6’9″, knew early on that her height would be one of her greatest strengths. The young Russian’s insight helped her to find favour in both the sports and modelling industries early on thanks to her excellent career in basketball, where height is crucial.

Lisina owes everything to her family’s genetics because no one in her family is less than six feet. Lisina’s son, who hasn’t even entered puberty, is already significantly taller than his contemporaries, joining her 6’6″ brother, 6’5″ father, and 6’1″ mother.

But, according to Inquisitr, being conspicuously larger than the majority of people wasn’t always a benefit. For shy, insecure teenage boys, it’s not exactly the most endearing quality, but it has provided her with plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom.

“When I was 16 I was already 6 foot 6,” Lisina was quoted as saying. “I played basketball professionally since I was 15.”

What Lisina accomplished before turning 30 — playing professional basketball, representing her nation at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and using her height to launch a modelling career — has been nothing short of inspirational.

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