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Meera says no enmity with rival stars Reema and Mahira

Pakistani actress Meera has been embroiled in numerous disputes with well-known personalities such as Saba Qamar, Mahira Khan, and Reema Khan throughout her decade-long career.

However, during a recent appearance on the “Super Over” show, the Nazar star stated that she harbours no personal ill-will towards anyone.

When questioned about her recent conflicts with Mahira and Reema, the actress stated that she wishes the best for all, regardless of their differences.

“I always maintain positive thoughts towards everyone, even Mahira and Reema. Despite our differing opinions, there’s no personal animosity between us. These disputes are only for public consumption. Social media users have ample free time to engage in negative activities, from leaving hurtful comments about celebrities to spreading rumours,” said the Baaji actress.

Before ending the conversation, the quintessential diva emphasized the importance of maintaining friendships within the industry. “When it comes to work, I don’t have friends. The entertainment industry is competitive and I always aim to be a formidable match for anyone competing against me,” she shared.

Previously, in an interview years ago, Meera had accused Mahira of orchestrating a malicious campaign against her, stating “Mahira Khan took a major project away from me that was originally assigned to me by Momina Duraid.”

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