Mathira Malala

Mathira calls out Malala for her alleged ‘double standards’

Malala Yousafzai took the centre stage at the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the need for girls’ education. The youngest Nobel Prize Laureate took to Instagram and shared her speech as well.

She also met several activists including Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra. The UNICEF ambassador, who also gave an address at the event, shared some pictures with Malala on her Instagram feed.

“Malala only gets paid to take pictures with international artists and talks about Pakistan when she does not even live in Pakistan,” she wrote on her Instagram Story while sharing a picture of Malala and Priyanka. “She didn’t even manage to visit Pakistan when half of Pakistan was drowning and then talks about the struggle in these fancy meets and greet.”

She concluded her stance with, “Weird stuff, this girl is such a hypocrite.”

However, on the other hand, singer Momina Mustehsan who attended the event took to social media and shared a picture with Malala after the latter’s speech. “Girl with a heart of gold,” the Afreen Afreen singer captioned the photo.

Malala at the UNGA

Highlighting her speech at the UNGA, Malala took to Instagram and shared “Seven years ago I stood on this platform hoping that the voice of a teenage girl who took a bullet for standing up for her education would be heard.”

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