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Maryam Nawaz to unveil Imran Khan’s ‘hidden masters’ in explosive reveal

The PML-N has long accused Imran Khan of receiving support from both domestic and foreign sources, and now they are preparing to expose his false narrative. According to sources, the ruling party is planning to raise public awareness about the facts through organizational conventions and gatherings.

Next week, Maryam Nawaz, PML-N’s Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer, is scheduled to address a rally in Kasur where she will reveal the identities of Imran Khan’s local and international handlers.

Her announcement is expected to contain explosive information and unmask the truth about Khan’s government.

As the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan was removed from power last year after a no-confidence motion in the National Assembly. He is now facing multiple legal cases and has been summoned to appear before the courts. However, the PML-N’s upcoming revelation is expected to expose the dark forces behind his rule and bring the truth to the forefront.

Previously, Maryam had alleged that the PTI chief was being supported by the judiciary, saying that the country needed honest judges, and not “Imran loyalists” (Imrandaar judges) for treating all political leaders without discrimination.

She made these comments while addressing a PML-N workers’ convention in Rawalpindi. Maryam said that Khan was still being supported as he was not appearing before the courts and hearings in cases against him were being delayed.

She said she was not talking about honest judges but those part of the Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hamid legacy.

Mocking Khan, the PMLN senior vice-president said that while he could go to Rawalpindi for his party’s gathering with his injured leg, he “cannot appear before the court”. The politician added that if fingers were raised at the judiciary, it would have to conduct its accountability.

Speaking about the way Khan was facilitated to form a government in the past, Maryam said: “MPs of our party and those from others were made to switch loyalties to create his party. Those who did not support him were selectively disqualified.”

She alleged that earlier Khan reached the power corridors with the support of the establishment, and now he was attempting to use the shoulders of the judiciary to gain power once again.

In another public gathering, the PML-N vice president had said that claimed that the “facilitators” still wanted to save a person [Imran Khan] who had “already drowned”.

“I want to ask the facilitators why they want to save a person because of whom the country’s fate has sunk. That person drowned himself, but why are you people bent on [losing] your jobs?” she said while addressing the crowd during her party’s convention in Gujranwala.

She also questioned the judiciary for expediting cases against Nawaz Sharif and being lenient towards the deposed prime minister.

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