Man with eight wives

Man shares single home with 8 wives, says “he has a happy life”

A man in Thailand has shocked a lot of netizens after his story of living with eight young wives under the same roof went viral on social media.

According to Oddity Central, the man — identified as Ong Dam Sorot — is a tattoo artist by profession. He shot to fame after he appeared on a TV show where he narrated his story. The video of the interview was viewed more than three million times on YouTube alone, the report said.

He said during the interview that his wives get along with each other quite well and all of them share a “harmonious family relationship together.”

man with 8 wives

How he met his wives?

The way he met his young wives is also quite interesting. During the interview, Sorot revealed that he met his first wife, Nong Sprite, at a friend’s wedding. He liked her and asked her if she’d like to marry him and the rest is history.

Similarly, when he saw his second wife Nong L in a market, it was love at first sight. Surprisingly, the woman also agreed to tie the knot with Sorot despite knowing about his first wife.

He revealed during the interview that he met his third wife at a hospital, while he was introduced to his fourth, fifth, and sixth wives on social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, respectively.

Sorot, who couldn’t get enough of all the love he was already receiving from his six young wives, met another woman named Nong Film while he was visiting a temple with his mother. When he asked Film’s hand in marriage, she couldn’t say no either.

According to the publication, the “lucky” man met his eighth and final wife, Nong Mai, during a vacation in Pattaya. Surprisingly, four of his wives had accompanied him during the trip when he fell in love once again.

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