Malala, Angelina Jolie

Malala hails Angelina Jolie for highlighting child rights in her book

Malala Yousafzai on Sep 16 praised Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and Amnesty International for writing “Know Your Rights”.

Sharing a picture with the actress, Malala wrote, “I’m proud of my friend Angelina Jolie and Amnesty for writing “Know Your Rights”, a book to give children the knowledge they need to stand up to injustice in their own lives and around the world.”

In her message to the children and young people the Nobel laureate said, “You have rights that are equal in status to that of any adult. No one has the right to harm you, to silence you, to tell you what to think or believe, to treat you as if you don’t matter, or to prevent you from participating fully in society.”

Malala, Angelina Jolie

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