Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit reveals how the Bollywood scripts have changed

Madhuri Dixit talks about the new roles that are being written for female actors in Bollywood which shows them as ‘human beings’ and not as ‘avenging angels’ or ‘victims.’

In an interview with The Indian Express, the Kalank star was asked if she rediscovered herself after her OTT series The Fame Game, to which she replied, “I don’t think I rediscovered myself.”

“I think the writers are writing better scripts, better roles for women, where they know what to do with women. Earlier, if you wanted to make something women-centric, it would be the same old trope, where you’re either an avenging angel, or a victim,” she added.

The megastar continued: “Today very good roles are being written for women, they are very strong characters. They aren’t perfect, they have their flaws, and that’s what makes these characters so good. People can relate to these characters and look up to them at the same time.”

Talking about the thriller drama, she stated, “This was true for The Fame Game as well — she is a fabulous character, she is a mother, she is a wife, she is a daughter but she is also a little flawed.”

Concluding her statement, Madhuri added, “She is not perfect, but no one is life is, so why should women’s roles be any different? She is not an angel… she is a woman, she is human.”

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