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Lahore man who reportedly raped his aunty is found dead

The body of a man, identified as Sher Khan, was found from a canal in Lahore’s Kahna, the police said.

Khan had been missing for the past few days. According to the police, he was accused of raping his aunt and had been on the run ever since, said a report.

“After his body was found, we seized his mobile phone and went through his calls,” the police said. On the basis of the evidence found, the police arrested a man, identified as Shahid, for his murder.

“Shahid is the brother of the rape survivor. During questioning, he confessed that he murdered Khan with the help of two of his friends and then dumped the body in the stream,” a police officer said.

The police have arrested the suspects and registered an FIR. The murder weapon has been seized.

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