Abhinandan, India, Wagah Border, pilot, Pakistan

Who was the lady standing beside detained Indian pilot Abhinandan at Wagah?

The social media was rife with images of detained Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman when he was being handed over by Pakistan officials to Indian counterparts at Wagah Border on Friday night.

Abhinandan was escorted by Pakistan Army officials, while a female official was also seen standing beside Abhinandan before he was about to be handed over to Indian forces.

The woman seen in many pictures doing the rounds on social media was Dr Fariha Bugti, the officer of Pakistan Foreign Office. She is the Foreign Office’s Director (India).

Abhinandan, India, released, pilot, Pakistan

Calling it purely a ‘gesture of peace’ Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had announced to release the captured Indian pilot on Friday (March 1)

Addressing the joint session of the parliament in Islamabad on Thursday, the PM said this is a first step towards deescalating.

Prime minister urged the international community to play its due role to contain further escalation between Pakistan and India. 

He, however, warned that any escalation on part of India will force Pakistan to retaliate in self-defense.

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