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Kidnappers abducted Dua Mangi after seeing her ‘modern dressing’, police told

Even couple of days after Karachi girl Dua Mangi was released by kidnappers, the police are unable to catch the culprits who audaciously picked the girl and dropped her after discovering she was not from a rich family.

The police on Dec 9, 2019 recorded Dua Mangi’s statement, who was recently released after a week-long abduction amidst conflicting reports that her family paid ahefty ransom amount for her release, said a report.

According to media reports, the distraught Dua told the police that the kidnappers had kept her hands and feet chained in a room of a house, at some far away isolated location of the city, but could not specify exactly what area.

The traumatised girl said the kidnappers told her that they had mistakenly abducted her after seeing her dressing out of belief that she hailed from the moneyed class. “They did not mistreat or hurt her in anyway,” the sources quoting Dua told the media.

It was also reported in the media that Dua’s sister through a video on WhatsApp informed the kidnappers of their lifestyle and their house being located in the low end locality of Korangi. On this, the kidnappers who were speaking in Urdu dropped the demand for ransom, Dua reportedly told the team.

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