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Khawar Maneka accuses Imran Khan of ruining his marriage with Bushra Bibi

Amidst a series of press conferences and TV interviews criticizing former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of Bushra Bibi, has leveled allegations against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman.

Speaking on a live show, Maneka claimed that Imran Khan, in the role of a spiritual guide or pir, destroyed his 28-year-long marriage with Bushra Bibi. He expressed, “We had a very happy married life, and Imran Khan ruined it in the guise of a devotee.”

Maneka revealed that Bushra Bibi married Imran just one and a half months after he divorced her in November 2017, but he and his children were unaware of the marriage. He stated, “I denied it when asked by the media because we were not aware of this marriage.”

Khawar Maneka further shared that Imran Khan would visit his house without his consent, and he was unhappy with Bushra’s frequent meetings with the PTI chief.

Recalling the initiation of Imran and Bushra’s relationship, Maneka mentioned that during the PTI sit-in in Islamabad, Maryam Wattoo, the sister of the former first lady, arranged a meeting between Imran and Bushra. Following this, Maneka claimed that the PTI chief and Bushra started meeting frequently in Islamabad.

Providing details about their relationship, Maneka disclosed that Bushra would make long phone calls to Imran at night using a number provided by Farah Gogi on Imran Khan’s request. Despite Maneka’s residence in Islamabad’s Bani Gala area, Bushra would meet Imran at his house in the same vicinity without his permission.

According to Maneka, six months before the marriage, Bushra separated from him and moved to her house in Pakpattan city, refusing to return home despite his insistence. He recounted receiving a text message from Farah Gogi, asking him to divorce Bushra, to which he confronted Bushra, who remained silent.

Maneka claimed that he sent divorce papers to Bushra through Farah Gogi on November 14, 2017. Later, he alleged that Farah Gogi and Zulfi Bukhari, a close aide of Imran Khan, urged him to change the date of divorce on the papers, keeping it quiet, as “Imran Khan wants to become the prime minister.”

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