Katy Perry, busy life

Katy Perry shares experience on balancing mom life with busy career

Katy Perry has opened up about how she is balancing motherhood with her busy career.

Speaking on Variety, the singer-songwriter admitted that she was under false impression about motherhood because of social media.

“I think all of social media is skewed. It’s a big, ole, fat echo chamber and the real determinator is the algorithm,” she mused.

“I really enjoyed my experience. I’m still 10 pounds bigger than when I started, but I’m not in a rush. It’s been a year. I’m more interested in her happiness and my happiness and mental health. Hormones are … pretty interesting,

“As a new mom, those first six weeks are like, ‘What?” It’s just the biggest life change ever’. You’re responsible for someone’s well-being that can’t even hold their head up. It’s a real shift, and you become not No. 1 on the call sheet.”

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