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Kate Middleton can ‘at least fake’ her interest

Kate Middleton has just been lauded for her ability to look interested, even in the most mundane of topics.

Revelations such has these have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything, via one of her pieces for News.com.au.

In it she touched upon Kate Middleton’s ability to look interested, even in the mundane.

So much so that she also wrote, “If there is one thing that Kate, the Princess of Wales has mastered with incredible aplomb it is her listening face.”

Ms Elser also believes, “In any given year she meets thousands of people at official receptions, walkabouts, preschools, food banks, mums’ groups, sporting events, and probably even while waiting in the self-service line at her local Waitrose.”

“Yet never once has she ever been caught looking like she is bored or her attention has drifted.”

Before concluding Ms Elser also added, “There is no debate – the princess is the Lionel Messi of looking, and being, interested in other people.”

The most recent event, that showcased this power was Kate’s appearance at the navel air base, as the newly minted newbie Commodore-in-Chief, Fleet Air Arm.

For those unversed, this title has been handed over to the Princess of Wales, and was once held by Prince Andrew.

At the event Kate was photographed looking at bits of engines, and Ms Elser believes, “what is really remarkable is not that she seems genuinely interested in all this (or at least can fake it superbly), it is that overall, Kate looks like she was having a ball.”

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