Kashmiri woman, Delhi, attack

‘Kashmiri woman’ reportedly assaulted by her landlady in Delhi

A Kashmiri woman residing in New Delhi was reportedly attacked by her landlady ‘because she belongs to Kashmir’.

According to Noor, who has a Twitter account and apparently lives in Delhi, posted  a tweet saying, “So my landlady enters my house along with a man , that i have never seen in my whole life and starts to call me and my friends ‘TERRORISTS’ just because we are from KASHMIR that too, in front of a police official. They trespassed, broke in and our money, furniture.”

She continues: “Then she framed us for stealing the furniture, which she herself took from here in our absence . She is calling us names, abusing us and provoking us.”

Noor further said the man with the lady also misbehaved with her: “The man literally pushed me and the landlady as well tried to attack me , all in front of DELHI POLICE.”

People following her on the Twitter expressed sympathy and called for protection of the woman.

One user commented: “I’m with @noorbhat1998 right now, I request everyone to give her some space, she’s traumatised & it’s a lot to take in, let her process this, she’s really thankful for the support that you guys have been giving her but right now a little privacy will really mean a lot.”

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